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You Have A Porsche Cayman S For 36 Hours: What Do You Do?

Illustration for article titled You Have A Porsche Cayman S For 36 Hours: What Do You Do?
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Porsche has graciously agreed to loan us a new Cayman S for 36 hours. Here's the best part: It won't be on NYC roads. I'll be grabbing it in Munich. The Munich in Germany. What would you do with it?


I do already have a semblance of a plan for when I grab the car on 7/26. It involves hitting the road south to one of the most famous roads in the world (I'm sure you can guess where) and then a little further south into Italy because Italy is wonderful.


But where else should I go? The only stipulation is that I need to have the Cayman back in Munich by 12:30 on Sunday afternoon so I can fly home. I will also have ace photographer GF Williams with me, you know, the guy who makes P1s look incredible and sneaks around the McLaren factory at night and gets to see 918s being built. That guy.

So what should we do? Let me know below. I'll be updating live while on the trip to the site, so you might just see your suggestion on the front page of the Jalopniks.

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Travis Okulski

I'm not going to the 'Ring, I'll tell you guys now. It's 5 hours northeast of Munich and is open at strange times when I'm in Germany, so a trip there isn't the best idea.