You Could Have Bought This Lamborghini Diablo For Just $4,600

These days five grand will get you a lot of used car. Maybe you bought one recently, like a ‘90s Miata for autocross duty, or a high-mileage Cavalier because your alimony payments meant that leased Cayman had to go. If so, you are a fool, because you could have bought this Lamborghini Diablo instead.

That’s right: for just $4,600, this famed Italian exotic—poster car to an entire generation of gearhead die-hards—could have been yours, had you acted before its eBay auction ended.


I bet you’re kicking yourself right now.

Just think of all the incredible performance you could have had, the looks you would have received outside of the club! Not buying this Lamborghini will go down as your greatest shame to date.


From the eBay description:

You are bidding on a bare chassis, as is, where is. No drive train, no bodywork, no title.


That’s “car speak” for “this is a great platform for mods and performance enhancements, such as engine swaps.” The world could have been yours with this amazing Lamborghini! But not now.

I’m sorry you missed out.


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