You Can Win A Night's Stay On A Retired Jet In Amsterdam

I'm not someone who has ever slept well on a plane. Even during my two trans-Atlantic red eye crossings in Business Class, I got maybe 2 hours, tops. But Airbnb is holding a contest, in which the winner and 3 guests can stay on board a nicely-appointed MD-11 at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport for a night.


This looks pretty nice, right? I'd jump at the chance to spend the night on this plane., In fact, I plan to enter the contest myself. Oh, you don't live in Amsterdam? No problem! They'll fly you into Amsterdam, from anywhere in the world. The contest is open for entry through November 20th, and your night on the plane will be either November 28, 29, or 30th — so you do have to be prepared to get to Amsterdam on short notice.

The Airbnb ad says the plane crossed the globe 3,675 times. The living space is just over 3,900 square feet, features 116 windows, a living room, a king-size master bedroom, two children's beds, and eight bathrooms (lavatories). You can use the wifi while stretching out in comfy first class seats. It comes with a library of books and movies, including Snakes on a Plane, Top Gun, and The Aviator.


The kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare your meal: cutlery, pans, ovenware, utensils, etc. There's also an oven and a basic stove.

To win, all you have to do is explain why you'd like to stay on the plane, in 100 words or less. The winner will also receive a $500 Airbnb coupon to use for a future stay at an Airbnb property.

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