Watch the best amateur racers in the country fight for a national title—even if you're not near a racetrack this weekend. The Sports Car Club of America will be broadcasting their National Championship Runoffs at Laguna Seca live online, starting at 8:30 a.m. PDT on Friday.

The SCCA Runoffs is a spectacular event that brings together racers from across the country. 27 classes of cars. 24 races. Eight races will be broadcast a day for three straight days. That's a lot of racing.

It may not be on television per se, but it's the next best thing—and maybe even better since you can access it anywhere and you're not tied to an ad-heavy TV broadcast.


Some names who may sound familiar will be commentating on the entirety of the SCCA Runoffs: Randy Pobst, Greg Creamer, Rick Benjamin and Jeff Lepper.

While some eastern racers were unable to make the trip this year because of the move away from a more central Runoffs location, to say that Laguna Seca isn't on most racers' bucket lists would be a big, fat stinky lie. It's a fantastic track with a challenging layout and I can't wait to see a national championship go down here.


The Sports Car Club of America boasts one of the most diverse entry lists in amateur racing, too. Everything from B-Spec racers such as the Mazda2 and Honda Fit to formula cars to muscle cars and Miatas will be there. Purpose-built racecars like the Spec Racer Ford will be there as well, duking it out.

There are spec classes that keep all the racers on an even, level playing field. There are more mod-friendly classes that leave car set-up and prep choices to the teams themselves and feature a wide variety of cars that are all similar speed and design wise.


A full schedule of who's racing when can be found here on the SCCA website. An explanation of what all the different classes are can be found here as well.

The direct link to the live stream is here, and they're already broadcasting one angle of qualifying today.


Between this and the U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship at Circuit of the Americas, nearly every single kind of road racing car that could possibly be run by amateurs is going to be battling for a national championship this weekend.

It's a fantastic weekend to be a racing fan. Add to that Formula One's first appearance at Sochi and Bathurst—THE Bathurst—and we're going to get absolutely zero done this weekend.


Photos credit SCCA