You Can Rent An R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R On Turo For Just $212 A Day

Source: Turo
Source: Turo

Good news Skyline fans, someone with a lot of trust for the general public has offered their 1990 R32 Skyline GTR to rent on Turo! For only $212 a day you can relive your right-hand drive dreams and go through fast-food drive-thrus backwards.

The owner of the holy grail of Japanese sports cars has already gone through all the leg work of importing the car, explaining the VIN to the DMV, and telling everyone he knows that the steering wheel isn’t “on the the wrong side.”


This R32 is located Katy, Texas and is available to rent right now. (Hopefully he avoided any kind of water damage from the hurricane.) The owner, Travis, says that the GTR has “light modifications” and although the R32 is fast, Travis probably would not appreciate it if renters drifted around every single corner in suburban Texas.

Turo also makes recommendations for baggage pickup, but the GT-R’s cargo capacity is limited to exactly one (1) cup of water. The listing also mentions that the R32 has four seats. That is true but the back seats can probably only fit 1-1½ people if we’re generous. This rental includes 1000 miles before any additional charges, so you can make it to roughly Sioux Falls, South Dakota before anyone notices.

Over $200 a day may seem steep, but experiencing this piece of automotive history is almost definitely worth it. Have you found anything especially interesting on Turo?

Hat tip to Dallas V!

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My Kids Have Four...Wheels (And Paws)

I am renting a FIAT 850 in DC for a weekend in a couple of months. Have rented a Golf R in Cleveland, a couple of Cooper Ss and a GTI in L.A. and have a WRX lined up there, as well, in December. There is also an RS in Laval, QC, for 69 CAD/day, which might necessitate a trip to Montreal one of these days.