You can own the world's gaudiest car for just $11 million

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Sorry, Lexus. If you really want a December to remember, stick a bow atop this gold-plated, ruby-encrusted Mercedes SLR. It's the dream car of Swiss club owner and Thai-food impresario Ueli Anlicker, who built the "Red Gold Dream SLR." And it's $11 million.


We first reported on the world's gaudiest car back in 2009. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream had been decorated with 500 rubies — including the rubies that comprise its wheel lugs — and slathered in 14-karat gold, making it, as some might say, quite eye-catching.

Lest the glittery stuff take the focus away from the car's, ahem, performance, Anlicker says it's been tuned to produce 700 hp, but he wants to bring it up to a cool 1,000 before selling it.

What about security, you ask? Much like any given Supra, it's got a GPS tracker, a remote-disable function and one of those annoying sensors that trigger the recorded voice of some mook warning passersby to stand clear of the car. Either that or risk retina damage, or a petit-mal seizure.

At the time, best estimates pegged it as being worth around $4.3 million. Now, Anlicker says it's worth $11 million, and says he already has heard from prospective buyers, unsurprisingly from China and the Middle East.

Your move, Donald Trump.


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Things I'd rather do with eleven million dollars.

-Buy 916,000 containers of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

-Give away 110 Nissan GTR's

-Have a high class $5000/hr whore for 92 (rounding up) days, which is enough to go train to be in zero gravity, go to the International Space Station and get the world's first space blowjob.

-Hire William Shatner as my personal butler.

-Make a batcave. No, I'm not talking about fixing up a basement, I mean find a large cavern and retrofit it so that my awesome car, plane, helicopter, william shatner butler and 12 year old adopted trapeze artist would live in with no issues.

-Buy one tank of gas (Am I right guys?)

-Rent the Phillies.

-Get a scientist to create a high powered beam that I will use to draw a giant dick on the moon. This will be my gift to humanity.

-Get Amy Winehouse's bones.

-Figure out how the fuck is Keith Richards still alive.

-Make my own transformer.

-Walk around the city naked and pay off whatever fine the cops give me right on the spot.

-Punch Danny Bahar in the dick with a diamond encrusted golden boxing glove.

-Help OJ. Brother needs the money.

-Pay an old mountain man to reenact First Blood. I'll provide the fodde—I mean the cops.

-Create a fake Mazda convention such that Yamanouchi-san (Mazda's CEO) would come and I would finally ask him why does his name remind me of Tamagotchis.

-Research and develop a proper device such that ladies can pee standing up with no discomfort.

-Buy $kay a fleet of GT40's <3

-Fix Mexico.