If automotive value is derived from the amount of use a car can realistically give you, then this is the most valuable Ferrari ever made. It’s a 2010 458 Italia in great shape and $100k off the current market price because it has a mileage figure that would dwarf the average daily driver’s. Is it worth it, or is this prancing horse destined for the glue factory? Is that still a timely reference?


This 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia is the last naturally aspirated flagship Ferrari with a V8 engine, and that may mean something to aspiring collectors. Unfortunately for them, this one would be crossed off the list because it’s been driven at twice the average rate of a regular commuter car, at 24,000 miles per year since new.

As it sits, the Italian supercar has just over 120,000 miles on the odometer, which is the market value equivalent of having it perish in an unfortunate silo explosion. What’s good about this is that anyone who’d buy this car would be very realistically testing the longevity and durability limits for the drivetrain, which are apparently quite high, seeing as how we’ve already seen a 458 with almost similar mileage a few weeks ago. It looks as if these cars are built to last. Go figure.

While the car would have had its share of mechanical repairs, the seller confirms that the car was taken care of by the dealer. Here’s an excerpt:

This car has been serviced by Ferrari of Las Vegas most of it’s Life and recently Ferrari of Atlanta. This car just had a full $3,869.27 service. This car is the cheapest on the market. It has 120,000 miles it and runs and drives perfect because it has been serviced by Ferrari its whole life. I know the miles are unheard of on a Ferrari. The car has been completely inspected by Ferrari of Atlanta and is in perfect running conditions.


The car, with a $133k asking price, is worth it only if mileage is simply a number to you. If you’re buying the car as an investment that will depreciate by the wrong person looking at it and requires frequent cloth diaper dustings, look elsewhere. But if you want a very real supercar that you can (and must) drive daily or at least on the long weekend road trip, this is the best deal you can get on one of the newest Ferrari models on the market. It’s not exactly destined for LeMons, but I wouldn’t freak out if I ordered a #2 from Burger King and dropped a fry in between the seats. Get it before someone less fun does.


(H/T to Axel Hoogland)

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