You Can Officially Begin Piecing Together Your Own Alfa Romeo Giulia Now

While Alfa Romeo hasn’t quite gifted us the what-if build generator of our dreams just yet, the company has updated its US website to include a color generator and a full list of available options and features for the Giulia sports sedan. Why make a Christmas list when you could just print this out?

For now the only available color and feature options are for the Quadrifoglio model, which on launch will be the peak of the range.


Highlights include the amazeballs Montecarlo Blue paint job, the standard carbon fiber hood and roof, optional carbon fiber Sparco racing seats, optional black or yellow brake calipers (I’ll take yellow with the blue paint, thanks), and luckily for those of you who don’t need any damn help, all of the invasive gadgetry including Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB), and Forward Collision Warning are all lumped into one optional package.

A reported fastest-ever ring time for a sedan and that sex appeal coming standard comes at a price of $70,000, which is quite a few zeros after a seven. Still, this car is going to kick ass whenever it finally gets here.


360 Degree Color Generator

Full List of Quadrifoglio Standard and Optional Features

We still don’t know when exactly the cars will finally hit showrooms, or just how insane the non-Quadrifoglio models will be despite possible leaked engine specs. All we know is we will do many things to drive one as soon as possible. Many things.


Please for the love of all that is beautiful and Italian, buy many of them (in blue or red, since you’re listening, and definitely manual) so the used ones come cheap and fast.


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