Not like you need another good reason to buy a McLaren MP4-12C (hint: we love it), but someone has conspired to take the world's best camouflage and affix it to one. And it's for sale. We're already getting emails from people who think it's a tester.

The first hint that we got indicating there was something strange going on in the Northeast was an email from reader Joe, who said he spotted what he thought might be a P1 in the car's iconic camo (which is made up entirely of the world's race tracks):

I was driving yesterday on Route 17 in New Jersey when I spotted a car that I believe was a McLaren P1. The car had a almost zebra looking paint scheme to it


As soon as we got the photo we received another email from Evan Cygler over at McLaren Greenwich in Connecticut.

I got the exclusive file and commissioned a professional wrap the same as McLaren does in Woking. People are going to go crazy when they see this thing driving around NYC and surrounding areas. The wrap is trippy and I think causes car accidents.

Baller. Sure, it's just a wrap, but it looks high quality.

There's no listed price for the car, but it'll be the most noticed McLaren 12C in existence. Go and buy it. Go and buy it right now.


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