We’ve all been dreaming of the day we could pair our love for BMW’s newest grand tourer with the nation that brought us the smooth tunes of the saxophone. It’s finally come, as BMW of Belgium’s configurator for the new 8 Series is live.

In addition to being a fun tool to kill time at work, the configurator is also our first look at the non-M-sport variant of the 8 Series. While the M850i was the star of the launch photos, the diesel variant online is a more pedestrian-looking version of the mega-coupe.

This black-and-brown color scheme for the seats is making me feel things

That’s pretty much all the diesel configurator is good for in America, though, as we doubt the iron mill will make its way stateside. Feel free to disregard pricing, as the various taxes, fees and conversions involved in shipping a car worldwide mean a simple euros-to-dollars exchange won’t give you much in the way of information.

We’ll get pricing details — and hopefully a U.S.-spec configurator — as we move closer to the 8 Series’ launch this fall.

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