Our pal Ryan Eversley has successfully used the Jalop bump (and a lot of racing talent) to take the checkered flag at several Pirelli World Challenge events. You may not be as fast as Eversley, but for $74,900, you can throw down some laps in his 2010 Cayman.


Everyone is hot for the all new Porsche Cayman GT4 with an MSRP of about $84,600, but according to Autotrader, the average market price for one is about $110,000. So if you are going to use something like this for a track day, why spend all that premium when you can have a car that is already prepped and proven for much less?

You can find this car at Isringhausen, which may be the most German sounding dealership in America. According to their description:

Fast, well sorted car, ready to race. Originally built by Napleton Racing. Cayman Interseries w/Porsche 956 Yokohama Advan Livery. Most successful Cayman Interseries car, driven by Lee Davais, Ryan Eversley and Tom Bloom. It was last raced in June 2014 at Autobahn/NASA enduro where it finished in first place. Its fastest race lap was 1:30.9 on Autobahn’s South Track driven by Ryan Osiecki.


Granted this 2010 model isn’t going to be collector’s item that the GT4 will be, but at least you won’t have to stress about punching it into a tire wall.


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