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There have been some pretty awesome 3-series variants to come from the factory over the years. Suppose you wanted something really bonkers, like the compact dimensions of the E90, but with the screaming V10 power of the E60 M5? This 2006 Hartge H5.0 for sale would fit the bill nicely.


According to the ad, this is the only V10 powered Hartge 3-series for sale in the US. It started life as a humble 2006 BMW 325, then due to some combination of engineering and witchcraft a 5.0 liter, 550 horsepower V10 was shoved under the hood along with the 7-speed SMG gearbox. Original build cost is estimated to be about $220,000.


This car with 33k miles can be yours for only $105,000. Sure you could grab an E90/92 M3 for much less, but then you would just be another dude with an M3.

(H/T to Carscoops)

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