You Can Get Up To $30,000 Off A Brand New Jaguar F-Type

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It’s November and that means holiday sales. While Black Friday sales for cars aren’t really a thing, Jaguar decided to make the season a bit merrier by offering massive discounts on leftover 2017 F-Type coupes and convertibles.

A lot of automakers are trying to clear out old inventory this time of year. For example, Chevrolet is offering 20 percent off most of their lineup including the SS. But you don’t want to save money on an Equinox. No, you dear reader, want a bargain on speed and style.

Our friends at reports that Jaguar is offering up to $30,000 in discounts on 2017 F-types for the month of November. But the nature of the discount means you won’t see it advertised on Jaguar’s website.


Cars Direct Senior Pricing Analyst Alex Bernstein explains -

The offer in question is a form of dealer cash incentive. Like other promotions of this type, it’s entirely up to the dealer whether or not to pass along some or all of the savings to prospective buyers.

One of the conditions of this particular offer is that it can’t be combined with promotional financing. As a result, the only shoppers eligible will be those paying cash or with the help of outside financing.

Program bulletins indicate the largest potential savings is at the higher end of the spectrum. The SVR is eligible for $30,000, while the R and V6 are eligible for $20,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Now for those of you hoping to score a base V6 F-Type coupe for around $50k are probably going to be disappointed to find out that most of the 2017 inventory on the cheapest version has been cleared out.


Of course, if you can afford it, the real bargain is on the snarling 575 hp SVR that will explode your eardrums and frighten children. But with an extra thirty grand in your pocket, you will be able to afford some hearing aids and a few sets of tires.


Forget the Santa savings fund and treat yourself to a British sports car.