Screenshot: Top Gear (YouTube)

Top Gear host and known drift enthusiast Chris Harris reviewed the extremely powerful Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the results are something you would never have seen on old Top Gear.

The 911 GT2 RS is a 200+ mph NĂĽrburging record setting car, but instead of just doing the usual test of seeing just how fast you can drive the car in a straight line down the Top Gear runway, Chris instead decides to show off his coordination skills in the corners.

Old Top Gear was full of clips of former hosts Clarkson, Hammond or May talking in a car, and then it would cut to the car powersliding from a few hundred yards away. It’s not difficult to imagine it wasn’t always the hosts doing the cool driving seen on screen. The lack of shots of them driving from inside the car also kind of gives that away.

But here’s Harris, indisputably the most capable host in the modern incarnation of Top Gear, sliding the car through the test track’s hammerhead corner, all shown uncut from inside the car as he drifts through second, and then third, and then fourth gear, while talking about the dynamics of the car.


It’s absolutely incredible. And then on top of that, Porsche promises the car itself is capable of blowing past its claimed 211 mph top speed, but it couldn’t find a tire capable of getting it there. The combination of a car like that with a host like Harris is pure entertainment.