Aston Martin has churned out some of the sexiest cars on the planet for the better part of a century, and barring some more modern examples, this gorgeous DB7 is the one that solidified Aston's place in the exotic supercar hall of fame. All this fancypants #swag can be yours for the price of a base model Mazda Miata.

This 1997 Aston Martin DB7 was made before the voluptuous curves of the DB9 and Vanquish, but after the brutish hulk that was the original V8 Vantage. Like all Astons, it wasn't - and still isn't - a track-destroying racer, but an epic grand tourer. Its supercharged 3.2 liter inline six-cylinder engine produced a more-than-adequate 335 horsepower, with 361 lb-ft of torque. While that may not ruffle the feathers of speed freaks nowadays, remember that this car was constructed in a time when double that power figure in a stock car was impossible, so it was definitely at the upper end of the performance spectrum. At less than $27k, it's also somewhat of an insane bargain.

While the car's design can't win over my heart, I can certainly applaud the styling that designer Ian Callum put into every facet of this amazing cruiser. It feels quintessentially British, while putting into motion some of the modern aesthetic touches that sets Aston it apart from its rivals today. While this example doesn't have collector-status low miles at 62,000, it's certainly far from being driven hard and put away wet. With the cleanliness and choice of expensive HRE wheels, I'd be willing to bet this car isn't hiding any major gremlins.


It's everything you'd want in a luxurious and exclusive daily driver. Maintenance can be on the expensive side, but major mechanical and electronic components are mostly outsourced, and there's a massive amount of part interchangeability around the car, so finding parts might not be a fruitless endeavor. It's fast, it looks good, it's cheap, and it's an Aston. Just go for it.

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