You Can Buy This Ferrari Enzo Engine For The Price Of A Jaguar F-Type

I see you, Mr. Junior Executive. You didn't just seal the deal, you crushed that shit. And now, after reading all the nice things we said about it, you have your eye on a Jaguar F-Type to get your speed fix once your 18-hour workday is done. I'm here to tell you to forget the F-Type; buy this Ferrari Enzo engine instead.


"But Patrick," you'll say, hanging up on your client because my opinion is more important to your life, "What am I supposed to do with a Ferrari Enzo engine?"

"How the shit should I know?" I'll tell you, disgusted that you would even think to question my logic in the first place. "Put it in a Fiero or a Miata or something. Just buy it. It's something you need to have."

After all, an Enzo engine — in all its 6.0-liter, 660 horsepower, naturally aspirated V12 glory — doesn't just pop up on eBay every other day. Especially not one with just 1,000 miles on it like this bad boy.


The seller says it came out of a 2003 Ferrari Enzo. And it's good to go, complete with an ECU, and the only problem is the carbon fiber has some scuffs on it. No big deal. Carbon fiber buffs right out. Everyone knows that.

As of this writing it's going for $79,900. What's the Italian for "Deal of the century?" That's what I thought.


Forget the F-Type. This is the engine you need for your next project car. I think it would look great in a Scion FR-S, an E30 3-Series, an MR2, or really just whatever.

Look at it just sitting there, all alone. You can practically hear it crying. "Take me with you! I want a forever home!" And I think you're the person to give it that home. You deserve it, and so does this engine.


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