You Can Buy Steve McQueen's Last Porsche

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Steve McQueen’s personalized Porsches, you’d be crazy to sell it. But that’s exactly what California’s Mike Regalia is doing later this summer.

Regalia is auctioning off McQueen’s special-order Porsche Turbo 930 from August 13-15 at the Mecum Daytime Auction in Monterey. Did you write that down? Go get a piece of paper. I’ll wait.


McQueen’s car has a lot of cool features, include a switch on the dashboard to turn off the car’s rear lights and a personalized “MCQN930” license plate. Regalia told USA Today the car is “equipped with a non-intercooled 3 liter engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, producing 234 horsepower.” He says he bought the car relatively cheaply in 2008 when 930 Turbos were “tremendously undervalued cars.”

As a quick reminder, McQueen’s Porsche 911T fetched a winning bid of $1.25 million.

You can hear Regalia talk about this Porsche right here.

(via USA Today)

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