You Can Buy An Insane Porsche 911 Turbo For $100,000 Off Its Original Price

There’s no better performance bargain in the sports car world than a Porsche 911 Turbo because it’s truly a mass-produced exotic that you can drive every day. However, with used examples like this 997 Cabriolet around for deep discounts, I’m not sure why anyone would buy new.


This 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet is the sports car equivalent of a Volkswagen Beetle - not because it’s a hateful rear-engined barebones economy car that’s everyone’s last automotive branch before proverbially hitting the ground, but because it’s everything you’ll likely ever need in a sports car. Almost 500 horsepower from a six cylinder boxer engine aided by two turbos and all wheel drive, in a relatively lightweight chassis is more than anyone can ask for in a car that’s destined for weekend mountain runs.

The cherry on top is that while this car was near $200,000 with options, this particular example is under 60 grand, and no, it hasn’t seen the business end of a freshwater flood or a frame-mangling wreck.

This car looks like it’s one of the cleanest examples out there, and with just over 40,000 miles on the odometer, the bulletproof Porsche lump behind the rear axles is barely broken in. While the reddish interior may not be the best color combination out there for some, I think it gives the car just enough of an upscale flair to be a real contender against a new 991. Also, car phone.


The automatic transmission may be a downside to those who want to experience maximum Porsche, but by no means is the drivetrain a slushbox and it’s responsive enough that you likely wouldn’t miss a manual transmission after a certain amount of seat time anyway.


I’m saving my pennies to buy one just like this because it marks the beginning of Porsche’s foray into the exotic car market with their flagship 911. The 996 was never quite exotic material, but the 997 Turbo adds an extra necessary element in the form of hands-off exclusivity to the ownership experience.

It’s a car that would require the wiping of shoes to drive. This is a car that comes with a starting ceremony, with driving gloves and sunglasses. It’s a car that you’d pass on to your kids to show them what a real sports car could be and why power is nothing unless you have a means of relaying that power to the ground.


I wouldn’t hesitate to take a look at this car if you’re in the market for an awesome second or third car, or an only car if you’re the kind of person that enjoys ghost peppers in their morning cereal.

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