The Spirit of Ecstasy, the Rolls Royce mascot, recently received a limited edition makeover for the New York Auto Show, and how we missed it, we just don't know. But anyway, it's a Rolls, so you expect it to cost a pretty penny, right? Well, how about 20,000,000 of them. Yes, this ornamental accessory for hood adornment will set you back $200,000. That is if you can buy one. This one-of-a-kind hood add-on was commissioned by Manhattan Motorcars and is encrusted with 150 carats of d-quality diamonds.

In addition to a ton of tiled diamonds, this special edition hood ornaments made out of platinum and some other rare metals we're not even sure we've ever heard of. Our question is — at what point do you stop calling it a hood "ornament" in favor of a hood "masterpiece?" [Epoch Times via Bornrich]