Continuing with VintageRacer's photographs, we now look at a terrifyingly valuable Ferrari 365 275GTB that's about to head out onto the track and make some really enjoyable V12 noise. The styling of this car certainly showed up in a lot of early-70s machinery, didn't it? Make the jump to see all the photos and read VintageRacer's description. Note: I got the identity of this car wrong yesterday, so to make up for my mistake I'm adding bonus VintageRacer photos of a '66 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Litre.

Here was another car sitting in the pits that same race weekend. Talked to one of the Alfa Romeo guys pitted nearby who knew the car and the owner - evidently he's had it for a while, and it gets driven pretty regularly (notice that it's got regular plates - not collector plates). The plaque on the dash is great- "Remember, you are not Niki Lauda"