Yes, This Is A Chevy Camaro On 32-Inch Wheels

Our old expletives are far from adequate to properly address the reality that is this Chevy Camaro on 32-inch wheels. We shall have to invent new ones. Flurgle this! Who the shmezzle would put 32-inch wheels on a glarking Camaro???


Maybe it's so ambitiously bad it's good again? No, urgz that! It's just terrible. As InsideLine points out, the largest tire you can get at the TireRack is a 315/30R30 Pirelli for about $1,100 a pop.

This better be a vhlecking joke.

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The Stig's Rustbelt Cousin

Holy Frisbee-Shitting Jesus... How does the red one move with its wheels stationary?