You probably shouldn't honk your horn if you're stuck behind a MiG-29 in traffic as it's one of the fiercest fighter jets in existence. But you'd never find yourself behind one in traffic, because that would just be silly, right? Unless you happened to be in Slovakia. And no, this isn't a photoshop.

What's going on here?

One of the highlights of last year's Slovak International Air Show was the inclusion of a MiG-29 so the one photographed above — a decommissioned version — was towed to a local mall to advertise the festival.


From this angle you can't see the tow vehicle, nor really the Skoda police vehicles giving it slow escort from one place to the next in a massive caravan. It just looks like a jet stuck in traffic.

Given the small size of the tow truck we wouldn't be surprised if someone managed to drive by one side of the highway and see only the jet. It looks like an especially inefficient invasion of Banská Bystrica.

(Hat tip to GTSpirit!)

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