Yes, Johnny! Alfa Romeos in Burbank

Saturday morning in Los Angeles sometimes leads to the former broadcast home of Johnny Carson and the birthplace of the SR-71. There's something good going on at Burbank's Autobooks-Aerobooks most every Saturday morning, and sometimes the fun even stretches into the afternoon with book signings and hob-nobbing. This week the Burbank bookstore crew teamed up with the Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California and served up a bunch of fine Italian automobiles along with the usual donuts and coffee. Autobooks-Aerobooks has been doing this sort of thing since 1951, and features toys and entertainment as well as scads of books and magazines. The Alfa Romeo owners produced not one, but two '70s-vintage quad-cam fuel injected V-8 Alfa Romeo Montreals! Find these Italian cars named after a French Canadian city and more in the gallery.

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