Why Yes, I Do Want To Buy This Car/Plane-Eating Robot Dinosaur

Is this whole "best Craigslist ad ever" trend finally played out? I think it might be. That's why it's nice to see a good, honest, down-to-earth ad every now and then. Like this fellow in Denver, who's selling his car and plane-eating robot dinosaur. It's as straightforward as sales pitches get!


The ad has made me want to buy it, frankly. I've been in the market for a Truckasaur for some time now, and I may just pull the trigger on this one.

The model for sale on Craigslist is this 2002 Maibatsu Truckasaurus with a 500 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. It's been retrofitted to run on the souls of the damned, which should make it even more efficient. Only 63,000 miles, too! From the ad:

I love this thing, but unfortunately changes in my life situation (and parking situation in Cap Hill) forces me to sell. Apparently you can't safely fit a car seat in this thing, according to my wife. It's been lovingly cared for, washed at least once a week and always fed a steady diet of compact cars and aircraft. Great for anyone with inadequacy issues, or just one-upping Dave in Accounting and his new Land Rover (what better way to one-up him than eat the land rover and take over his parking spot?)

Fair enough. Truckasaurus ownership isn't for everyone. It's more of a lifestyle than just a vehicle, that's for sure.

A few more details that answer the questions we're all asking:

-It *DOES* have cupholders. There are two, one is sized for a 120oz Big Gulp, and the other will fit a tallboy perfectly. There is also a built-in Kegerator.

-Sadly, it is illegal to just pick up cars blocking your way and crush them. Apparently this isn't as Free of a country as I thought.

-The flamethrowers run on garden variety propane. It uses standard grill cylinders, so it's super cheap and easy to refill them.

-It's registered as a Truck, and I believe you *can* get Handicap tags on it.

-Unfortunately, it doesn't qualify for the Fuel-Efficient parking spots at Sprouts, but you can probably park there anyways. I guarantee nobody will try and stop you.

-It's probably not the best way to get to the resorts. While I have put a ski rack on it, the Eisenhower Tunnel is a bit of a challenge. I guess if you are headed to Loveland or Winter Park you are probably okay.


All that for just $37,000. I say Nice Price all day, baby.

Who wants to go for a ride in my new Truckasaurus?


Hat tip to Geoff!

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