If brakes were shoes, Italy's Brembo would be Bruno Magli. (Well, considering there's already a shoe element to brakes, substitute "handbag" for "shoes" and Prada for Bruno Magli. Now go.) Sure, they're quality stoppers, but they're also the best-branded specimens on the market. And Lexus knows it. So it's no surprise Brembo's gotten the contract to provide brakes for the upcoming Lexus IS-F, according to Automotive News. The contract means the production model of the IS-F will get the same clinchers as the IS-F Concept unveiled at the Detroit show this year. It's as obvious a choice for the Lexus F sports line as would be Riddell helmets for the NFL or Matfer baking sheets for the CIA (no, the other CIA). That's because Brembos are already found in the Subaru WRX STi, Mitsubishi Evo, Dodge SRT-8, Audi A8 and Cadillac STS-V. And since the deal's with Toyota, they'll probably end up in ToMoCo's high-end supercar, destined for early next century.

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