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We remember when the World Cup came to the motor city back in 1994 β€” we saw the first-ever indoor World Cup game at the soon-to-be demolished Pontiac Silverdome. It was an epic struggle between two powerhouses β€” the US and Switzerland β€” and by powerhouses we mean both teams bumbled to a tie. The best part was how excitedly drunk the fans from other countries looked β€” they made college kids look like the amateurs they are. So although we'll never understand why yard drivers at the Burnaston factory in Derbyshire would think moving 400 Toyota Yaris cars into a giant 80 meter by 40 meter St. George's Cross would be a fun way to spend a few lunch breaks β€” we're pretty sure we won't be seeing the red, white and blue made out of Chevy Aveo's anytime soon. More pics and info after the jump.

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The flag, which can be seen from 1000ft in the air and from miles around and bosses at the plant were 100% behind the idea, not only juggling teams and shifts to make sure the flag was ready but also so that their workers can watch the big game. Well that's good β€” cause it must have been a tough job getting 400 cars parked in straight lines next to each other β€” unless of course, you're a yard driver and it's your job!

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