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Yamaha manufactures many things, including instruments and audio equipment, which requires large travel cases like the ones above. Last week the manufacturer issued a cautionary series of tweets asking people to not get inside of these large cases for any reason. I don’t know what anyone would need to get into a case like this for, but I’m sure if they did they would have a good reason.


The first tweet is roughly translated as follows (by Twitter’s translate tweet feature):


I will not mention the reason, but many tweets have been scattered about stories about people entering large instrument cases. It’s late after an unfortunate accident, so be careful not to let people do or do anything around you.

Basically, don’t get in our instrument cases. Bad stuff can happen.


The follow up tweet a few hours later says:

[Thank you]

It is a tweet that just muttered a matter of course, but thank you for spreading it with many likes and retweets. I am very surprised. Musical instrument and audio equipment cases are designed to hold musical instruments and audio equipment. Please use it correctly.


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but we agree. Please use it correctly. 

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