Xzibit: "Pimp My Ride Made Me Broke"

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Alvin Joiner, a.k.a. Xzibit, a.k.a. recursive Internet meme guy, owes nearly $1 million in delinquent federal taxes. His excuse for not paying them? The cancellation of Pimp My Ride. Seriously.

The rapper-turned-actor-turned-host-turned-tax-evader has declared bankruptcy twice since 2009 and had both bankruptcies dismissed according to Tax Watchdog. Halfway through last year he had assets of approximately $739,433 but owed more than $1.4 million.

His claim that cancellation of the show that made him famous is behind his financial problems doesn't appear to be entirely untrue, as his records indicate he made $497,175 for headlining Pimp My Ride in 2007 and the next year, after the show was canceled, only made a paltry $67,510.


The most interesting revelation from his tax records? He didn't own a car while hosting the show. He was leasing a 2006 Range Rover for $2,230 a month. Bad Xzibit, imagine what the guys in the shop could have done with a 1986 Range Rover you bought for $2,230.

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