Xenophobic Atlanta TV Station Says Foreigners Are Bad For The Indy 500

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Sunday's Indy 500 was one for the record books in nearly every quantifiable way. It also had a popular winner in Brazilian Tony Kanaan. But one Atlanta TV station says IndyCar will never top NASCAR because "Americans prefer American racers." Oh, and they say the finish was a farce.

WSB's "Sports Zone" crew reports on the race and then dissects how they feel about the winner and the finish.


They aren't all that happy with either.

An American hasn't won Indy since 2006 when Sam Hornish, Jr. took a swig of the milk. That doesn't sit right with these folks. One of them actually says this, and no, I'm not translating this to old-timey English, "he ain't from around these here parts."

These here parts. He really said these here parts.

Because Brazilian Tony Kanaan won, Indy will "never again come close to topping NASCAR." Keep in mind that the crowds at IMS cheered louder for Tony Kanaan than any other driver throughout the day. He has a great attitude, is funny, and is basically the perfect ambassador for the sport.


This broadcaster apparently believes that Americans are completely unable to embrace people that aren't from America. He apparently believes that foreign success in a uniquely American sport is the antithesis of the American dream.

It's a bit cliche, but we are a country of immigrants. Success in this country after years of working hard at it is the definition of the American dream. That so many foreign drivers have success in our home grown series should be a point of pride for our country, not a reason to call it a failure.


They also contend that the ending was a farce, that it should be green white checkered like NASCAR, that the race should finish under green. But this race is the Indianapolis 500, not the Indy 502.5 or 507.5. The race is 200 laps. If there happens to be a yellow at the end, so be it. Sure, the finish was unfortunate after seeing hundreds of laps of amazing racing, but it is what it is.

Unlike NASCAR, this isn't a manufactured finish. It's ok for a race to end under yellow.


And it's ok for a foreign driver to win the Indy 500, especially the amazing run of world class drivers that have won this race in the last few years. Congratulations TK, just ignore the idiots who don't get what Indy means.

(Big Thanks to Tim Burke for the video!)