For the 1964 model year the Ford Falcon was all new, inside and out. Equipped with an optional 260 V8, it was the perfect car to go chasing after a kite while wearing a sensible sweater.

Ford's redesign of the Falcon was a big part of their new look for 1964. This ad captures a brief 6 month period in 1964 before the Mustang was introduced when the Falcon was the small performance car in Ford's lineup. Once the Mustang was introduced, it's popularity and sales success pushed the Falcon back into the responsible compact car role for the rest of the 60s.

Although the basic premise of chasing your son's lost kite down in your new Falcon is a little far-fetched, the ad is still very effective. It could be the seasonally appropriate aspect of the ad or my love of the Falcon's automotive underdog status but watching this ad a couple times had me longing for a nice Falcon convertible with "Pure V-8 Go" and a kite to chase after.