Wreak havoc on dirt bike riders with the 1972 Ford Truck

What do you do when you realize your dirt bike racing son has forgotten his lucky scarf? Hop in your 1972 Ford truck and hit the racetrack to chase little Alfie down with no regard for his fellow racers, of course. This is exactly what the mother featured in this vintage Ford advertisement decided to do, resulting in a bizarre display of misguided parenting and awesome dirt track hoonage.

According to Ford, their pickup truck for 1972 rode like a car but worked like a truck, even on the dirt bike track where your son is trying to race sans lucky scarf. Even if Ford thought you shouldn't do the same with your own vehicle, they were willing to show one concerned mother flying through the air and drifting around corners in their trucks.


We certainly can't imagine many better ways to wow early 70s truck buyers than reminding them the 1972 Ford's roomy cab and twin I beam suspension were enough to keep you in comfort regardless of whether you were driving down the highway or endangering the lives of recreational motorcyclists while trying to catch up with a forgetful family member.

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