WRC's Greatest Cars To Include Fear-Inspiring Delta S4

A part of the WRC in HD kickoff this Sunday is a program devoted to the "WRC's Greatest Cars." It'll include the above clip of the insane Lancia Delta S4, albeit in glorious HD.

As a reminder, you can see the full six-hour block of "World Rally Madness" starting at 5 PM EST this Sunday, October 4th on HD Theater.

Courtesy HD Theater / WRC.com

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Jeff Glucker

Iiiiiiiiii get so....

weak in the knees

I can hardly speak

I lose all control

And something takes over me

In a daze the S4's so amazing

Its not a phase I want it to stay

With me

in my drive

I swallow my pride

Your speed is so sweet

It knocks me right off of my feet

Can't explain why your noise makes me weak