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Wow, DaimlerChrysler (yup, that's still the name) saw earnings of $2.5 billion last quarter. That was despite the $3.4 billion charge on the sale of Chrysler. Imagine how better it would have been had they recorded Chrysler's profits during the quarter too. Oh wait...maybe that would have been backwards. [NYT]


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Would have been great if DCX would have also noted when they used money saved by the previous Chrysler Corp to develop a bunch of Mercedes shit that wasn't earmarked for US sale.

Chrysler had that money banked to cover the red ink that a bunch of lame duck models that year (1998-1999) would cause.

Mercedes steals safety cushion fund, throws money at SMART and euro-only diesels, then Chrysler posts a loss that they had already planned and saved to avoid.

Glad the divorce is over. The German beauracracy at DaimlerBenz (and at DCX) was, is, and always will be arrogant, snobby, and inefficient, and worse than GM because at least GM manages to market small cars and turn a little profit here and there.

Rant over I need a cigarette.