Wounded British Troops Get Rides Home For Christmas In Jaaaaaag Wagons

And now, it's time for your heartwarming car-related Christmas story, ladies and gentlemen. Get those hankies ready.

This one comes to us from the United Kingdom, where some wounded members of the British Armed Forces are being given chauffeured rides home from a hospital so they can see their families for Christmas.


But they're not just getting rides in any old car: they're going home in some brand-new, insanely sexy Jaguar XF Sportbrake wagons.

Some of the folks Jaguar is helping out have seen the worst of the worst of the recent wars. According to Jaguar, these troops are currently convalescing at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey, a hospital "that provides rehabilitation and care for severely injured servicemen and women, including poly-trauma amputees." About 20 XF wagons will take them all over the U.K. to see their families.

Our hat's off to Jaguar for providing these folks with rides home, and in such style and comfort. These guys certainly deserve it. Wagons! Is there anything they can't do?

Photo credit Jaguar

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