Don't Spend $500 Strapping A Plastic Tube To Your Truck

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Truck bed-cap company A.R.E. is diversifying its lineup of cargo accessories with the "Rod Pod," a plastic tube that holds (you guessed it!) fishing rods. They want $495 for it, and at that price I'll go ahead and spend three hours in Home Depot trying to make my own, thankyouverymuch.


A.R.E. says:

"Constructed with durable PVC plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware, the Rod Pod is eight feet four inches long and six inches in diameter, and can comfortably accommodate a number of rods. A spring-loaded end cap can accept a padlock to protect the rods stored inside, and the unit is protected by textured black LINE-X elastomeric coating for long-lasting good looks."


There's no doubt it's cleaner than what you'd probably end up with if you made it from plumbing parts, but is it worth the ask? Anybody got a better idea for fishing-rod carrying technology?

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3 hours in Home Depot? How about 30 minutes?

1)Find plumbing section

2)get PVC pipe and end caps (One threaded and one solid.)

3)pop the pieces together and strap to roof rack.

My dad has been doing it for years.

I can understand spending 3 hours in Home Depot tho, just not for this one project :D