Would You Give Up Air Travel For This Super Saab?

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Saab (rest in peace) always used to tell us that they were "born from jets." But would you give up jets to drive this Aero-X concept everywhere?

Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.


Although Saab has sadly left this world, their cars can still be seen scurrying around the world, from 96's and Sonett's to the short-lived new 9-5. One you won't see, however, is the Aero-X from 2006. Which is a shame, really, because it is perhaps the best looking Saab ever created.

The Aero-X has a twin-turbocharged V6 and a lifting "canopy" instead of boring old doors. All wheel drive is a given, and the entire body is made of carbon fiber. Visibility shouldn't be an issue, since this thing doesn't have A-pillars.


All in all, many cool features and most living beings would love to drive it. But what if having it as your own meant no more air travel? A After acquiring the Aero-X, you'll have to make all your trips in it, or by boat or train. Avoiding security would be nice, but getting across an ocean is going to take you a few days. Is the trade-off worth it?

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