Would You Drive A Classic 911 During A Superstorm?

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Most classic cars owners keep their prizes stashed away in clean, dry garages. Some people take a slightly different approach.

Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.

Like almost anything popular, there's a faction of people who loathe Porsche 911's. Maybe it's their unchanging shape, their Nazi-ish Beetle roots, or maybe it's just because some people love to be contrarians. Whatever, the case, the 911 is an icon and owners love them for their performance, sound, and everyday drivability.


On some days there are storms, though. Would you still take yours out? Last week, when superstorm Sandy hit New York City, most of the nicest cars were stashed away, high in garages or evacuated to their second homes in Connecticut. Amongst those that stayed was a red 1980's Targa that, during the storm on Monday, was casually driving about at 20th Street and Park Avenue South. Yes, the 1980's are not the most desirable or valuable years of the 911, but regardless, one must respect the driver's audacity to take out what is likely his "baby" in such treacherous conditions.

Maybe you're one that hates the 911, and I'm sure you'll let us know in the comments about how you'd take it out in the hopes it would get ruined. But to those of us who love, appreciate, or simply admire them from afar, would you do it? Is the risk worth some more quality time with your (possibly) duck-tailed friend? Sound off below.

Photo Credit: Garret Voight