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Just like $500 ain't what it used to be neither is 500 HP. Once the high-mark for exotic cars, soccer moms now pilot 555 HP BMW soft-roaders. Given what's out there, would you buy any car with 500 HP?


Absolutely not. There are plenty of cars I'd be happy to drive with 500 HP, but many of them are the types of bloated luxo-cruisers that I don't find particularly fun. Sure, an AMG S65 is great if you need or want a gigantic car, but in many cases more power is just an offset to the added weight of more electronics and more airbags. Look, grandpa did it with 285 HP and almost certainly had more fun. Now if you're talking a CTS-V Wagon, a Dodge Viper or Gallardo I'm listening.


Absolute power corrupts and corrupt people typically throw the best parties. Let's have some fun: would you buy any car with 500 HP? Some examples?

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