Would You Believe These Cars As The Top Five: Neon, SHO, Rabbit, Grand Prix, J30?

E30s? Miatas? Supras? Forget 'em! With Day One of the '10 Gator-O-Rama LeMons in the books, the standings are dominated by a group of cars that brings tears of joy to our eyes!

In first place, with 199 laps, is the Team Blue Ball Dodge Neon. Not a huge shock there, since a Neon has taken an overall LeMons win in the past (Altamont Spring '07), but it's still good to see Detroit on top.


Looming ominously in the Neon's rear-view mirror is the Red Rocket Ratnest Revival Ford Taurus SHO. Just a single lap separates the first- and second-place cars!

If either of those two happens to stumble, the Team Blue Goose 2 VW lurks close behind, with 197 laps.


Also with 197 laps, the Team JB Weld Pontiac Grand Prix gives Detroit three of the top five for the day (as well as giving each of the Big Three a serious contender). Yes, this car's cylinder head is still patched with JB Weld, after three races.


We love big ol' Japanese luxury cars on the race track, and the Swine Flew Raycing Infiniti- also with 197 laps- is showing all those Integra and Sentra drivers that big cars can hold their own out there.

Here are shots of the complete standings as of the end of the first racing session:

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