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Would Top Gear Netherlands Be A Bridge Too Far?

Illustration for article titled Would Top Gear Netherlands Be A Bridge Too Far?

With word today that the ever-expanding Top Gear family is once again reaching beyond the UK shores for Top Gear Russia it may be time to to decide if we actually want and/or need more Top Gear franchises. How many Top Gears is too many Top Gears? What country should be next? Top Gear: The Netherlands? Viva Top Gear Mexico? At what point, if ever, does Top Gear jump the shark? With Top Gear Australia in a bit of a ratings slump we must question whether the original works because of the three-hot format or the chemistry between the three hosts. While the formula could work anywhere, including here, we don't think that's a guarantee. The original didn't become wildly popular until the the fearsome threesome of May, Hammond and Clarkson hit their stride. The American version of the office doesn't work because it's a good story or a good style (look at Coupling, Teachers or Kath & Kim), it works because of Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson and the supporting staff. Can magic strike again with other hosts? Sure. But the original is still working and each new show is merely a roll of the dice to see if they can duplicate the same success and, even if it does, we'll still just be illegally downloading the UK version with the rest of the world.


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Top Gear Sweden:

Johan: . . . Ya dis cars a reely, reely safe.

Jann: Ya, dats a gud safe car.

Ragnvald: Ya, und it's got a gud seats tuu.

Johan: Ya

Jann: Ya

Ragnvald: Now lets see just a how fast our test driver can take it around our test track.

Johan: Some say he was a born of da Norse god Odin, They say that maybe he's a channelling da soul of Erik Carlsson, but all we know is he's called the Sprängämne

Jann: Der he goes, it's reely cold out there and he's a got the seat warmers on high.

Ragnvald: Ya

Johan: Ya, reely cold out der

Jann: Dos snow tyres reely do grip nicely, Ya

Johan: Ya, reely nice snow tyres he's a got der

Ragnvald: And da vipers

Jann: Ya, da vipers, de are a working reely nice

Johan: Ya

Ragnvald: Ya

Jann: Okay, we can't see him no more, der's a too much snow der

Ragnvald: Ya, too much a snow

Johan: Well, that's it for dis week on Top Gear a Sweden. Tune in next week when we test de nue a Volvo V70 dat now comes in Bleu.

Jann: Ya, bleu

Raagnvald: Ya