Would The BMW Blaster Been Part Of The Cold Weather Package?

Things have to be pretty rough to offer a flamethrower fitted as an accessory on your 1998 BMW. But that apparently that considered a safety device in Johannesburg during the late '90s. Still, there could be other uses for it.


Especially with the intense winter and snow much of the U.S. has endured this year, this option could be just as convenient as a heated steering wheel. Provided you knew how to use it.


Does anyone in west michigan have one? I have some snow banks in my yard and driveway I'd like to remove effortlessly.

cooking road kill

deterring road rage

finishing the Ferrari BBQ

Alex Murel:

Mount them a little closer to your tires and you don't have to worry about cold tires at your next track day.

Well, let's not get crazy there. There have to be other, safer practical uses.


Congratulations, Mr. ncasolowork2 and Mr. Alex Murel, on today's COTD! I have a BMW for both of you which this lovely lady will deliver as soon as she puts on a dry top.