World's Longest Fingernails Broken In Car Crash

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Lee Redmond held a Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails at a combined 30 feet. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for her, the disgusting claws were broken in a car accident on Tuesday.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Lee Redmond had not cut her nasty claws nails since 1979, making Wolverine's claws look like a child's toy. According to Guinness, her nails were last measured on August 8, 2006 with her thumbnail measuring the longest at 2 feet, 11 inches. She lost the gross fingernails when she was ejected from her SUV in an accident that occurred in her hometown of Salt Lake City on Tuesday. Redmond was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but its since been announced that her injuries are non-life threatening.

We just hope those sick things don't grow back. They make us pucker at the thought of them. Ick.


[via reading eagle newspaper]

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Rob Emslie

Thank god the bottles of her own pee, carried in the trunk, survived unscathed.