By Rob Einaudi


This weekend the world record for jumping a truck was set in Plattsburgh, New York when Chris Morena jumped a Dodge pickup over two tractor trailers end to end... and then some! Total flight was 193 feet. Here's the word from Gene, who shot and edited the video (he used four cameras).

It took place at Airborne Park Speedway and was part of a special show called Carmegedon which featured trailer races, demo derby, the usual smash em trash em stuff. The highlight of course was this World Record Attempt by Chris Morena who was driving for Brian Carson who put on the stunt portion of the show. The truck was bone stock off a local dealers back lot, it got a full roll cage, Chris's racing style seat and harnesses as well as a big chunk of metal welded in the far back of the bed to keep the truck kind of level in the air.

I talked to Chris prior to the jump and he said he had plans to land on the SUV and Minivan in the middle of the white cars, as they would offer the most shock absorption. The direction of the jump was changed from the plans on the night before to allow him a better chance at getting enough speed, he figured 65-70mph would do. He said the worse then that could happen would be to land on either side of the cars on the ground as it would really rock his world. Then he went on to overshoot all the cars and land on the ground anyway LOL. The jump was going to be 160ft but ended up going 193ft and as far as anyone can tell, it is the world record for jumping a production truck.

Thanks Gene!

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