Working hard for a buck with 1985 Chevy trucks

If you were used to rough days picking it up and dropping it off Chevrolet had the truck for you in 1985. According to this vintage commercial more Americans worked with Chevy trucks every day—and the company had the footage of their trucks living the blue collar lifestyle to prove it.

It seemed whether you needed to get some work done or if you were just looking for a place to lean against in mock exhaustion Chevy had the truck for you. We aren't exactly sure what professions are being showcased in this commercial, but we'd like to apply for the job that involves driving a factory fresh mid 80s Suburban through the mud.

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This was a good era for GM trucks, not too many years ago, we had three Suburbans of this vintage still running in the fleet at work, two Chevys and a GMC.

One of the Chevys was a 1974 that had been wrecked and pieced back together with a hodgepodge of various 1980s parts. By the 2000s, it could no longer pass inspection due to severe rust, but we kept it for use as an off road hauler. It would sit every winter, and every spring, start right up again with no problems, I think it had 5 straight years of the boss saying this is the last year and its going for scrap, but it kept running. By the end, the entire exhaust had fallen off and the transmission was down to one working gear (due to running it for 3 months straight without a drop of fluid), that's when they finally pulled the plug and sold it for scrap, in around 2008 or 09.

The GMC had an easier life, a 1988 High Sierra model with less than 90,000 miles. We parked it in about 2009, because it had the big 6.2L and the boss thought it was too expensive to fuel. Great truck though, plain metal dashboard, vinyl seats, no bells or whistles, just totally durable and reliable. We sold it this year for $1500, having sat for 2 years with an expired inspection and registration.

Still have the other Chevy, a 1986 1500, which was bought used for $100