Workhorse Engine of the Day: BMC B-Series

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Anyone who thinks the B doesn't belong in this series, consider this fact: the Hindustan Motors Ambassador, perhaps the world's most workhorsey car since the Model T, was powered by the BMC B until the early 90s. Starting in 1954, if it was British and had wheels you'd have a good chance of seeing this engine when you popped the bonnet. Why, even the Nash Metropolitan had B power! Once they went to a five-bearing crank, the B was actually much more dependable than most of the cars it powered. We say it's a workhorse! Engine photo credit: Stephen Foskett [Wikipedia]



@scottydawg: I'll be rebuilding a B motor at the beginning of the year or so (it's currently in a '70 BGT, but no idea yet what year it's really from, just that it's a 5-main). It was pretty good, when it was running — .060 over, hot cam, weber side draught. According to my friend (it's previous owner), it absolutely flew...

It'll fit nicely into my '71 BGT...