Welcome to Paper Jam, the feature where we highlight the best automotive advertisements from the past! Print might be nearly dead, but our scanners are just getting warmed up. And I’m back from holiday.

Everybody deserves a reward after work. Especially you. After paying the bills and building character, it’s time to enjoy one of life’s nicer rewards, a jaunt with the loved ones in a comfortable, luxurious Buick LaSabre. It has room for six, six under the hood and GM’s High-Energy Ignition, except in California. Dedicated to the Free Spirit in just about everyone, your Buick is more than just a luxurious car. You get an efficient luxurious car. Except in California.

Are you done with work and ready to have the fun? Call GM’s Buick division right now!

1975 Buick LeSabre Custom Advertisement Readers Digest October 1975 via SenseiAlan