Woohoo! High School Poop on the Brokeback Enzo Man!

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A reader, who we will protect from the worst Mafia ever by not naming, sent us this e-mail. We're goofy-happy. Suck on that LA Times (except for Dan Neil, who we pledge undying fealty to — speaking of that, our check's late this month, Dan).

Wow, small world. I live in [state redacted for his protection] and was on springbreak vacation with my kids down in the Beverly Hills area when I saw the crash and confiscation about his cars. I grow up with him in Uppsala, Sweden, we went to school together, Eriksbergs school (high school) and we also went to grade school together. He was put in a special class for rowdy kids.

He was a thief and a bully back then. My brother who still lives in Sweden has sent me many clips of Stefans life over the years. Drug dealing, running a mafia ring, He started he criminal career when he was in middle school. Anyone who knows him from back then in the 70's, would know how he got his cars, money etc. I wouldn't think he ever had a job in his life. A few months ago I found an old school picture/poster taken from the roof of our highschool with all students in it. And there he was...... Small world


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