Woodward Dream Cruise: Challenger Smokes Tires For America

We’ve already shown you the general pace of the cruise, it's comparable to a person walking. Click through for a video of what happens when a gap opens up on Woodward Avenue.

It is worth mentioning that roughly a minute after the Challenger drove past them, one of the gentlemen on the side of the road uttered the term YEEHAW! in a non-ironic way. This is something I have never heard before.


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I'll cut you some slack, Peter, since yain't from 'round these parts, but you get anywhere far enough from a city, even as far north as Michigan, yeehaw is for real. Anywhere that they knock back a cold Coors while blaring Skynyrd, and burning ticks of their buddies' backs with a Zippo, yeehaw is a way of life.

You'll hear the praise shouted from the hilltops any time a man lights his backyard grill using a half gallon of gasoline.

You'll hear it when a man breaks a driveshaft trying to pull a tree stump with his '84 F-150, and again when he drives the truck for the first time after replacing said driveshaft.

You'll hear a "yeehaw", when he wins $5 on a $20 scratch off lottery ticket.

Let us all raise our cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and shout our praise to the heavens.

Can I get a "YEEHAW?"