Wood Panel Van Liquor Cabinet: Why Not?

Be prepared to confuse the hell out of guests because it's time to finally get an indoor wood-panel van, or at least a quarter of one. This Wood Panel Bar is a bar/liquor cabinet for lovers of the wood paneling. The liquor cabinet includes a classy drawer, hanging racks for various types of classes and an extending shelf. The back doors swing open like a real wood-panel van and the only downside is the lack of wheels. Click through to see another picture of the cabinet open.


The only way to make this wood paneled bar and liquor cabinet classier is to only store McCormicks and other bottom of the barrel liquors inside. Heck, it's beginning to remind me of my childhood, which was filled with cheap liquor and featured an ugly wood-paneled station wagon. This monstrosity is available for $2,850, which is more expensive than buying a real wood panel van and sawing the back off, but whatever. [Hometone]

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