Women Turned On By Exotic Cars According To Questionable Science

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A study commissioned by giggle-inducing British insurer Hiscox has proven than women, more than men, are seriously aroused by the sound of an exotic supercar. The "scientist" behind the test had 40 women and 40 men listen to the sounds of a Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Volkswagen Polo. Afterwards, he tested their saliva for enhanced hormone levels corresponding to arousal. Sure enough, while both sexes got randy from the snarl of an exotic car it was the women who were most moved. And the little Polo? Individuals had less testosterone after listening to the diminutive VW, meaning it actually turned them off. Women were more drawn to the gentler tones of the Maserati and men, not surprisingly, preferred the register of a Lamborghini. What does this have to do with Hiscox insurance? Almost nothing. But this may explain why we like making "vroom vroom" sounds while making whoopee. [Telegraph via Jezebel]


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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

Hmmm, and which ones of these companies puts lots of money and effort into tuning their exhausts to improve the visceral/emotional experience? Where were all the normal, in-between cars? Seriously, Polo?

I'll stick with my motorboat, thank you.